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Be an agent?

l           Why join?




Singapore's largest Personal Finance Portal, is the place people go to find

and compare financial products and services.





Singapore and overseas, which is why 100 new agents signing up every month.






Plus, it is absolutely free.




You could list yourself as an agent for a product by two simple steps only. *

1 Click “I am agent” on the product page.


  2  Write your own comments for this product






In, agents are sorted by their SGRate Point. Click here to check how to gain

SGRate Point.




Yes, you can. Click here for details.







In the product page, click “I am agent” button.

To update your comments for this product, just rewrite comments and click update button.

If you wish to delist youself in agent list of a product, click the unlink button.

























* you need a SGRate id to list as an agent














l           How to update my comments or unlink?




l           Can I add myself into agent lists for two products or more?


l           How to boost your rank in agent list?



2 Write down your own comments for this product and click ok.



l           How to join?


List yourself as agent in today to increase your client exposure!


We promote over 200 financial products to 2000 clients (and growing fast!) every month in, as

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