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Name UOB Metro Card OCBC Robinson Card
UOB Metro Card OCBC Robinson Card
  Brand   UOB   OCBC
[Key Features] • Get 10% off* regular-priced items everyday
• Receive a 5% Metro$ rebate* on everything
• Enjoy 20% off on your birthday month (regular-priced items)
• Get invites to exclusive Metro events
• 5% rebate in Robinson Group of Stores
• Robinsons$ Rewards (S$1 charged = 1 Robinsons$, 2,000 Robinsons$ = S$10 Robinsons Rewards Voucher)
• Free Parking on Weekends (2 hours at Raffles City and Centrepoint.need spend S$50 at Robinson)
• members-only event and private sale
[Minimum annual income] $30000 $30000
Annual fee
[Principal] $50 N/A
[Supplementary] $25 N/A
[Annual fee waiver] No waiver First two years
[Expiration] 1 year 1 year
[Repayment] AXS,ATM,SAM,CDM,Cheque,Branch(57),Interbank GIRO,Phone Banking,Internet Banking AXS,ATM,Branch(55),Interbank GIRO,Phone Banking,Internet Banking
[Grace Period] 22 days 22 days
[Effetive Interest Rate] 24% per annum (minimum $2.5) 24% per annum (minimum $2.5)
[Minimum Payment] $50 or 3% of total Balance $50 or 3% of total Balance
[Late Fee] $50 $50
Other fees
[Foreign currency] 1.5% 1%
[Cash Advance] $15 or 5% of amount $15 or 5% of amount
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  Brief:    enjoy 10% off regular-priced items upfront, as well as an extra 5% Metro$ rebate on everything at Metro.    The new OCBC Robinsons Visa Platinum Card is the only card you can use for rebates, discounts and any other benefits in one of the biggest chain of stores, the Robinson Group of Stores. The participating Robinson Group of Stores includes Robinsons, Marks
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