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Name DBS Woman's Card UOB ORA Card
DBS Woman's Card UOB ORA Card
  Brand   DBS   UOB
[Key Features] • DBS Woman's Card Mums & Little Tykes Programme
• Exclusive Treats at like Fossil, Fox Kids & Baby, Marie France Bodyline, Jean Yip Group, Browhaus, Soo Kee Jewellery
• Free Concierge Services
• Healthcare Privileges at Raffles Medical Group
• an additional interest rate of 0.5% p.a. on new 3-month S$ fixed deposits1
• The Chic Companion Card (Actual size: 8.5cm x 3.8cm)
• Free unique email address
• Fee waiver as long as you remain an ORA member
• Special rates to networking events, seminars and talks organised by the ORA Network
• Gain immediate access to the network of Rafflesians within ORA
• Organise class reunions, find old schoolmates, and be kept informed of the events within the Raffles Family
• Gain full access to the array of ORA Portal's features at
• Free ORA T-shirt and a car decal when you sign up as a Life Member (applicable to new ORA Life Memberships only)
[Minimum annual income] $30000 $30000
[Other Requirments] exclusively for ladies must be an existing ORA member
Annual fee
[Principal] $60 Free
[Supplementary] $30 Free
[Annual fee waiver] First one year Free forever
[Expiration] 1 year 1 year
[Repayment] AXS,ATM,Cheque,Branch(82),Interbank GIRO,Phone Banking,Internet Banking AXS,ATM,SAM,CDM,Cheque,Branch(57),Interbank GIRO,Phone Banking,Internet Banking
[Grace Period] 22 days 22 days
[Effetive Interest Rate] 24% per annum (minimum $2.5) 24% per annum (minimum $2.5)
[Minimum Payment] $50 or 3% of total Balance $50 or 3% of total Balance
[Late Fee] $45 $50
Other fees
[Foreign currency] 1% 1.5%
[Cash Advance] $15 or 5% of amount $15 or 5% of amount
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  Brief:    The DBS Woman's Card is made just for you in recognition of everything that defines you as a woman.    The Old Rafflesians' Association Card by UOB is a badge of distinction all Rafflesians can be proud of.
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