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Ridiculous prices for repairing damaged phones

Ridiculous prices for repairing damaged phones

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Had a discussion with a friend the other day.
We talked about how in Singapore, I would say majority of us have at least 1 handphone.
And how it is absolutely ridiculous that when my phone screen cracked, it was $350 to replace a new one, just for a piece of glass!
Imagine the number of damages in Singapore just on mobile phones and the amount these telcos make for it.
I don't think it is this expensive in other countries..

What do you guys feel about this?


Totally agree man, $350 is an absolutely crazy amount-and it's sad that its now becoming the norm for us to pay such creeeehhzy sums because that's the kind of rates we are getting. Maybe not $300 but at least, close to a hundred each with each damage. Was just told about Mobilecover that covers devices regardless of mobile operator and protects them against damage, loss or theft, guaranteeing a brand new phone within 24 hours when relevant documents have been submitted. From S$5.49/month it can seriously save a bomb in the LR. [ Last edited by oatmealcookies at 2013-6-13 17:13 ]
Yup, it cost very high price for simple repairing small parts.
I agree, now in some cases it's easier to buy a new smartphone)
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