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[event] ANZ Cards one Dines Free Promotion

ANZ Cards one Dines Free Promotion

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  • promotion start: 2012-04-01
  • promotion end: 2012-05-31
  • promotion location: Grand Hyatt     AquaMarine     Cafe Mosaic     Melting Pot Cafe     Olive Tree     Re!Fill Restaurant    
  • credit card 1: ANZ Platinum Card  Apply Now!
  • credit card 2: ANZ Switch Card  Apply Now!
  • credit card 3:
  • promotion type: yummy    
  • ANZ Done Dines Free Promotion 
    at  Grand Hyatt, AquaMarine, Cafe Mosaic, Melting Pot Cafe, Olive Tree, Re!Fill Restaurant
    from now till 31 May 2012
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    Can check ANZ promotions using the app Notikum recommended on the forum yesterday. it is amazing that the app can show you so many deals across so many banks. wonder whether there are an special deals this long weekend for my HSBC, Citi ... cards. will check after my dinner at aquamarine this evening.
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