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[event] Standard Chartered 1-for-1 Dine Deals

Standard Chartered 1-for-1 Dine Deals

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  • promotion start: 2016-07-01
  • promotion end: 2018-07-31
  • promotion location: Baja Fresh Mexican Grill     Fish & Greens Bistro     Little House of Dreams     Tada! The Bistro     Caprilicious     Moustachio     Tandoor    
  • credit card 1: Standard Chartered Unlimited Card
  • credit card 2: Standard Chartered Manhattan Card  Apply Now!
  • credit card 3: Standard Chartered Platinum Card  Apply Now!
  • promotion type: yummy    
  • Standard Chartered 1-for-1 Dine Deals 
    Baja Fresh Mexican Grill, Fish & Greens Bistro, Little House of Dreams, Tada! The Bistro, Caprilicious, Moustachio, Tandoor


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