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Fourth Avenue Residences - Condo for pleasure

Fourth Avenue Residences - Condo for pleasure

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It should be a great pleasure for anyone when visiting our sweet home at a contemporary residence where cleanliness and a modern facilities take the center of attraction. We all wish for a spacious and beautiful home similar to the Condo such as Fourth Avenue Residences.

Fourth Avenue Residences is planned to incorporate 476 units with 9 residential blocks of varied heights holding upto 10 storeys. Fourth Avenue Residences should have a mixture of quality residences of modern layout with upto four bedrooms that can cater to various community of residents.

The Bukit Timah takes the special place in Allgreen’s portfolio where the developer has worked on many construction projects with perfection in various prime locations around the globe. It should be appropriate to say that Allgreen celebrates this successful ownership of Fourth Avenue as the best among the rest, as the amenities around this Condo makes this property special and unique.

One can expect the luxury living at Fourth Avenue Residences and the standards set becomes the example for the neighborhood Condos. Bukit Timah being the larger town in Singapore is located at the main center. It is considered to be the tallest natural point of Singapore and its high-point hill with green layers makes this possible. You may have the sight of this natural reserve and resources from your bedroom.

Bukit Timah is also considered to be the most alluring places in Singapore and the land value is much higher than the other towns in Singapore. This town comprises expensive condos which are owned by people who has a great deal of money originating from Asia & Singapore.

The education system provided in Singapore is of high standards and in-particular, Bukit Timah is the best among the towns with public schools and private schools of international standards and earning the top most rank in Singapore.

It has been heard that the buyers worry for the land lease period, as it is 99 years for Fourth Avenue Residences in Bukit Timah. The nearby condos and residences are of freehold while Fourth Avenue Residences is for 99 years. Each and every developers are aware of this lease period and  leasehold status and they feel there is no risk involved considering the potential to bring while this land tenure shortfall is made up by MRT stations proximity.

Freehold is not just the criteria by which a society progress can be considered and the fierce bidding for this land proves this context and developers are highly confident on it in investing on this property.  The MRT stations nearby Fourth Avenue Residences makes sure, the houses can be rented out more than the other freeholds that are not near the MRT stations.

Connectivity services are exceptionally economical for future Fourth Avenue Residences residents. Sixth Avenue MRT station is simply a couple of minutes far from the Condo. Newton Interchange Station that crosses the North South Line is simply four stops away. Residents are therefore able to access to a few other major MRT routes. Also, there prevails numerous bus stops on the Bukit Timah Road that can help the residents commute easily.

Fourth Avenue Residences provide comprehensive shared facilities which includes outdoor fitness, sun deck gym, spa pond, dining pavilion and many more for the residents that can make their life better getting rid of stress and work pressure. It is always a pleasure to pamper ourselves at the pool and relax reading our favorite books at the sun deck. It should be also fun having fitness exercises at the outdoor gym  joining our friends.

The great bonding over the food and resort like enjoyment can be relished in this property. The gymnasiums are packed up with various gym tools to keep our body fit and advanced tools being installed makes them more effective.

Disposal is also not a concerns for the inhabitants, thanks to Bukit Timah Nature reserve being located in this part of area. Thus investing on this property is worthy and is very profitable. At Bukit Timah, the high hill area was transformed on to a nature reserve preservation for the wild life and provides the greenery and beautiful scenery for the people who live around here.

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