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Trade War affecting Property Mkt

Trade War affecting Property Mkt

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When two elephants start to dance........

The world’s two largest economies are going into a trade war.

Such conflict between the two giants will impact real estate as an investment in Singapore. What are the factors at play in this conflict?

What are the possibilities of you benefitting from it all?

The following worth highlighting for further discussion :

External Factors  :

how this will influence changes in  interest rates and changes in the strength of the US dollars?

Will China devalue its currency if the situation worsens?

Will investors react in favor of real estate or  not in favor but against new real estate?

New condo launches be delayed or if when launched, the new launch condo prices be affected?


Domestic Factors  :

how are industrial properties (e.g. warehouses and factories) doing so far?

How about the leasing take up rate for both industrial and commercial real estate?

Is there any influence by the trade war on the private leasing of properties? Will private home rent go up further because of the trade war?


Real Estate as an investment opportunity :  

Trade war will affect gold price and US dollars, how does real estate as an investment product co-relate to these changes?

How will real estate momentum of change be fast enough to react this time round?


Worst Case Scenario :  

When the trade war goes out of hand,  will economic recession, factory closures etc become a quicker reality to come?

Will this influence the government to cause the cooling measures be lifted should the worst case scenario of an escalated trade war take place?


new condo launches : Haus on Handy by CDL, One Pearl Bank by Capitaland
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