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How to Recover Data Erased by Disk Utility on Mac

How to Recover Data Erased by Disk Utility on Mac

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Disk Utility is an app that comes with your Mac. Disk Utility and its First Aid feature can be used to check if a disk is damaged, create a disk image, partition a drive, and so much more... This article will provide you the effective method to Repair disk using Disk Utility on Mac without losing data.

        What is Disk Utility?Disk Utility is an application built into OS X that can perform lots of useful actions. Experienced users often need this handy tool. Today we're going to take a very brief look at what Disk Utility is, when you should use it and how to use it to fix some disk issues.

                Open your Applications folder, and it's nowhere in sight. Or hit Command-Shift-U to launch the Utility folder from Finder quickly.
        Why use Disk Utility        You might want to use Disk Utility if you experience the following:

● Your computer won't startup.
● An external device won't work.
● Apps are quitting unexpectedly.
● You have a corrupted file.
● Need to mount, unmount, or eject a disk.
● Change the file system - for example, to enable or disable journaling.
● You think that there is a problem with your startup disk.
● Repair a disk that is damaged.
● To erase, format, or partition a disk.
● Disk Utility used to be used to verify and repair permissions, but since
● El Capitan, this is unnecessary.
        The Features of Disk Utility1. Disk Utility is used to erase, format, or manage internal disks and external storage devices.
2. Add and control volumes, or if you want to organize your data into partitions.
3. Disk Utility can be useful if you are working with RAID sets. Combining multiple disks into a RAID set that acts as a single disk can increase performance, reliability, and storage space.
4. Create a disk image of files that you want to move to a different computer,
5. Diagnose and fix problems with a disk or damaged volumes.

Note: Before you use Disk Utility on mac, you'd better back up all critical data, then perform the Disk Utility erased files recovery on Mac. If you mistakenly delete important files using the Disk Utility tool, we still recommend that you install the recovery software. Before the data is overwritten, you'd better install the recovery software on an external hard drive or a Partition that can be used frequently, and perform the data recovery on Mac quickly.
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