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The Volume Does not Contain a Recognized File System

The Volume Does not Contain a Recognized File System

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If you received "The volume does not contain a recognized file system" in USB/external hard drive/partition in your computer, don't worry. This article offers solutions to fix the issue. You can recover data from the RAW hard drive or inaccessible USB/external hard drive/SD card with Bitwar Data Recovery Software.

        What is "The Volume Does Not Contain a Recognized File System"

During the use of the computer, many users may encounter the issue of "The Volume Does Not Contain a Recognized File System". And it occurs not only on the computer's hard drive, but also on external devices such as external hard drives, USB flash drives, and SD cards.

Now, we'd like to tell you the good news - this problem can be fixed and all data saved on the inaccessible drive can be recovered.
First, to avoid damaging important files lost by the storage device, we will show you how to recover data from a damaged disk or external device.

        What is the RAW file system?

The file system on PC is used to manage how data is stored and retrieved. Without a file system, information stored on the storage device would be a mix of large amounts of data which will lead to inaccessible files. Information can be easily isolated and identified by dividing the data into sections and naming each one of them.

The structure and logic rules that used to manage the groups of information and their names is a file system. There are many different kinds of file systems, including FAT (FAT12, FAT16, FAT32), exFAT, NTFS, HFS, HFS+, ext2, ext3, VMFS, UDF, etc.

RAW is the default file system of CD-ROM recognized by the operating system. When burning DVD, you can see a RAW mode that extracts user data and subchannel data.

However, other storages such as hard drives and USB drives are formatted as FAT or NTFS. If storage devices become RAW, then it can't be accessed, as RAW is regarded as an error of file system. If you try to open RAW partition, you will get an error messages such as "You need to format the disk in drive G: before you can use it."


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