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Concept of Price - Learn How to Trade Futures

Concept of Price - Learn How to Trade Futures

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Hi, attended the FOC seminar over the weekend conducted by Marcus Tay. Was quite tempted to sign up for their course.

As the price of the course is quite steep, so I went back to so some research, but can't find anything online.

Here, am seeking for some advise from anyone who have attended the course. The website is

Thank you in advance.


Several claims in his website that should ring alarm bells:

1. Marcus claimed %26quot;It is NOT Risky%26quot;.
my opinion: This is absolutely bull****! From my personal experience trading Futures I can tell you that in the worst case scenario you can lose more than your capital !!!
2. Marcus claimed %26quot;It does NOT require a lot of money to get started.%26quot;
my opinion: Another false claims. There is specific margin requirements for trading Futures. Sure you can start small, but the moment the market/price moves against you, even slightly, is sufficient to wipe your initial capital and your broker will call you up for the dreaded %26quot;margin call%26quot;.

3. Why he is doing this (ie.conducting Futures training)? ... great pleasure and personal fulfilment to see students doing well.
my opinion: Yeah right! If that is indeed true, then why does he charge an exhorbitant fee to his students?

There are many free education and seminar on Futures conducted regularly by local brokerage (Phillips Securities, Saxo, etc). I would advise you to take your time and learn the basics from these reputable brokerages. You can even request for non-obligatory one-to-one coaching session from the broker. Once you learn the basics and the understand the contract specifications, start paper trading using their demo accounts. When you have achieved some degree of success, then only should you trade using your own money.

Lastly, there is no shortcuts in trading. THere is no magic formula/techniques. Good luck

Go to the above link if you are interested in trading future.
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