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IncomeShield Plan C

IncomeShield Plan C







With escalating healthcare costs and inflation, falling sick or coping with a chronic health condition could be hard. Furthermore, the burden is worse when the illness is serious or prolonged.

With Enhanced Incomeshield, you can now breathe easier in the face of the financial challenge a medical condition or emergency may bring.

Guaranteeing you unlimited lifetime cover
Unlike other plans, you will be covered for life. Plus, there is no lifetime limit on the amount you can claim. In other words, you are in control when it comes to relieving your loved ones and family from a substantial financial burden.

Ensuring your premium is always affordable
With Enhanced Incomeshield, you enjoy the best value among comparable hospitalisation insurance plans offered in the market. Moreover, you can pay for the premium1 with your CPF Medisave funds for up to a limit of $8002 per person per calendar year — no cash is required upfront.

Select the plan that fits you best
With the carefully designed plans, you get to choose the coverage that you are comfortable with, depending on your needs.

Paying you for what is actually incurred
Enhanced Incomeshield offers more "As charged" features3. This means we will pay for the costs you actually incur.

Waiver of deposit eases hospital admission
The Letter Of Guarantee4 waives any partial or full deposit required by the hospital upon admission.

  1. Premium rates are calculated based on your age next birthday at the point of commencement of cover.
  2. From 01 December 2008, for insured person aged 80 and above, Medisave limit is increased to $1,150.
  3. Subject to terms and admission of ward class.
  4. Subject to individual hospital’s guidelines. Other terms and conditions apply.
Inpatient and Day Surgery
[Daily ward and treatment charges] 450
[ICU] 900
[Surgery] 300 - 2,000
[Surgical implants and approved medical consumables] 7,000
[Gamma Knife] 4,800
Outpatient Treatment
[Kidney dialysis] 1,500/mth
[Radiotherapy] 200/day
[Chemotherapy] 1,240/mth
[Immunotherapy] 400/mth
[Stereotactic Radiotherapy] 1,900/treatment
[Immunosuppressants for organ transplant] 300/mth
[Erythropoietin] 300/mth
Policy Features
[Deductibles] Class C - 1000, Class B2 - 1500
[Co-insurance] 10%
[Policy Year Limit] 70,000
[Lifetime Limit] 350,000
[Final Expense Benefit] 1,500
[Last Entry Age] 75
[Maximum Coverage Age] Lifetime
[1 to 30] 44
[31 to 40] 68
[41 to 50] 143
[51 to 60] 282
[61 to 65] 413
[66 to 70] 467
[71 to 73] 509
[74 to 75] 595
[76 to 78] 674
[79 to 80] 797
[81 to 83] 1,291
[84 to 85] 1,331
[>86] 1,669

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