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PRUShield Plan B

PRUShield Plan B







PruShield (A Premier / A Plus)
Block out medical costs

Who this is for?


  • Provides lifetime financial protection against medical cost incurred for hospitalisation and surgery.
  • Available for ages 1 month to 75
  • Offers a High Policy Year Limit of up to S$500,000.
  • Offers Unlimited Lifetime Limit.
  • Offers Guaranteed Lifetime Coverage
  • Guaranteed Renewability ie. coverage continues regardless of your health condition and the number of claims you have made.
  • No cash required as your CPF Medisave account can be used to pay for premiums. If you do not have a Medisave account, you can use your family members’ account.
  • Waives the Deductible and Co-insurance up to S$5,000 for PruShield A Premier and up to S$3,000 for PruShield A Plus in the event of death during or within 30 days after hospitalisation provided death occurs as a result of the cause of hospitalisation.
  • Covers pregnancy complications.
  • Covers child abnormalities.
  • Add PruShield Extra for a more comprehensive coverage
    • PruShield Extra will pay for the deductible and co-insurance portion in the event of a claim so that you enjoy coverage from the 1st dollar.


  • Post-hospitalisation Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
  • Coverage for hazardous activities and sports done on a leisure basis, with a licensed organisation
  • HIV due to blood transfusion and occupationally acquired HIV
  • Adjustment feature for policy year limit to offset medical cost inflation
Inpatient and Day Surgery
[Daily ward and treatment charges] 550
[ICU] 850
[Surgery] 600 - 8,500
[Surgical implants and approved medical consumables] 3,000
[Gamma Knife] 10,000
Outpatient Treatment
[Kidney dialysis] 24,000/yr
[Radiotherapy] 300/day
[Chemotherapy] 15,000/yr
[Immunotherapy] 8,500/yr
[Stereotactic Radiotherapy] 2,000/treatment
[Immunosuppressants for organ transplant] 5,000/yr
[Erythropoietin] 5,000/yr
Policy Features
[Proration factors] 85% for Class A and private hospital
[Deductibles] Class C - 1,000,|Class B2/day surgery (subsidised) - 1,500,|Class B1/day surgery (non-subsidised) - 2,000,|Class A and private hospital - 3,000
[Co-insurance] 10%
[Policy Year Limit] 120,000
[Lifetime Limit] 1,000,000
[Final Expense Benefit] 3,000
[Last Entry Age] 75
[Maximum Coverage Age] 85
[1 to 30] 72
[31 to 40] 106
[41 to 50] 191
[51 to 60] 205-315
[61 to 65] 508
[66 to 70] 720
[71 to 73] 1,024
[74 to 75] 1,198
[76 to 78] 1,659
[79 to 80] 1,659
[81 to 83] 1,750
[84 to 85] 1,850
[>86] 1,850

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