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MyShield Plan 3

MyShield Plan 3











MyShield helps expand your basic MediShield and Medisave coverage. While these schemes offer baseline protection, they may not be able to address the high medical costs associated with major illnesses or accidents. Adding Aviva's MyShield to your existing coverage increases both your scope of coverage and payouts. You can use your Medisave+ account to cover your premiums.


MyShield offers protection for both you and your family as it provides guaranteed and unlimited "as charged" medical cover for you, along with free medical coverage for all your children# up the age of 20 (based on next birthday). It also provides guaranteed issuance with no health questions asked^.


To complete your medical coverage for as little as 10 cents a day* include MyShield Plus in your coverage.


  • 100% coverage of co-insurance, payable up to S$50,000 a year
  • Lump sum benefit of S$10,000 upon first diagnosis of any one of the 30 critical illnesses (up to age 65)
  • Daily hospital cash benefit of $100** in the event that you are hospitalised


+You can use your Medisave to pay for MyShield premiums up to $800 for insured person below 81 years old and $1150 for insured persons age 81 and above at next birthday.

#Free Coverage for Children is provided based on Plan2 of MyShield subject to underwriting, provided you and your spouse are covered under Plan 1 or 2.

^Based on Moratorium Underwriting and provided the applicant is not of occupation class 4 and has been declined/deferred for other Insurance applications.

*Based on lowest premium of $26.49 per year (Up to $800 for insured person below 81 years old and $1150 for insured persons age 81 and above at next birthday).

**Applicable if the insured person opts to stay in a hospital/ward lower than what he/she is entitled to under his/her chosen plan and this claim is payable under MyShield (other than MediShield). Hospital Cash Benefit will not be payable for day surgery or if no hospital stay involved.

Inpatient and Day Surgery
[Daily ward and treatment charges] As Charged
[ICU] As Charged
[Surgery] As Charged
[Surgical implants and approved medical consumables] As Charged
[Gamma Knife] As Charged
Outpatient Treatment
[Kidney dialysis] As Charged
[Radiotherapy] 30,000/yr
[Chemotherapy] Included under Radiotherapy
[Immunotherapy] Included under Radiotherapy
[Stereotactic Radiotherapy] Included under Radiotherapy
[Immunosuppressants for organ transplant] Included under additional benefits for organ transplant
[Erythropoietin] Included under renal dialysis treatment
Additional Benefits Limits
[Critical Illnesses] Additional 50,000/yr (for Heart Attack, Major Cancer, Stroke, End Stage Lung Disease, End Stage Liver Disease)
[Major Organ Transplant] 50,000/yr
Policy Features
[Proration factors] 50% for private hospital|85% for Class A ward
[Deductibles] Class C - 1,000|Class B2 - 1,500|Class B1 - 2,000|Class A and private hospital - 3,000
[Co-insurance] 10%
[Policy Year Limit] 150,000
[Lifetime Limit] Unlimited
[Final Expense Benefit] 1,000
[Last Entry Age] 75
[Maximum Coverage Age] Lifetime
[1 to 30] 75
[31 to 40] 106
[41 to 50] 207
[51 to 60] 340-351
[61 to 65] 580
[66 to 70] 831
[71 to 73] 1,198
[74 to 75] 1,400
[76 to 78] 1,961
[79 to 80] 1,961
[81 to 83] 2,669
[84 to 85] 2,709
[>86] 3,250

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