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OCBC "Swap Offer Rates" Package

Enjoy transparency and flexibility with OCBC "Swap Offer Rates" Package - your customized home loan with interest rates that is pegged to the 3-month Singapore Dollar Swap Offered Rates ("SOR").





Enjoy greater flexibility and choice with our home loan packages tailored to meet your needs:

Assistance in payment of related costs, such as legal fees*
Lowest Bridging Loan rate at Prime

Enjoy attractive Renovation Loan rate up to five years repayment period.

Free fire insurance for 1 year
Free S$10,000 Home Contents Plan throughout your loan tenor
Free Valuation & Processing
No Annual Fee for OCBC Credit Cards
Earn more than 2,000 Linkpoints per $100,000 loan.
Click here to see what your earned Linkpoints translate into.
Minimum income of S$24,000 p.a. (Bonuses, commission, overtime and other income sources can be taken into consideration at the Bank's discretion.)

Individuals aged between 21 to 65 years old

Singapore Citizens, Permanent Residents and Foreigners may apply

 Documents Required
When submitting your application, please provide copies of the following:

Latest computerised payslip
Latest income tax assessment (submit two years' returns if you are self-employed)
CPF Statement of Account (if you are using CPF Funds)
Option to Purchase
Sale & Purchase Agreement of existing property (if you are upgrading)
Statement of CPF withdrawn under Residential Properties Scheme (RPS) (if upgrading from private property)
Statement of CPF withdrawn under Public Housing Scheme (PHS) (if upgrading from HDB property)
Current Home Loan Statement (if upgrading/refinancing existing property)
 Fees & Charges
Non-banking fees include:

Stamp Duties
Stamp duty is calculated based on the purchase price.
Mortgage Transfer:
Stamp duty is payable (maximum of S$500) on completion of transfer.
Legal Fees
Set aside about 0.8% - 1.5% of the purchase price for legal fees. Legal fees can be paid in cash or CPF and is payable upon completion of your mortgage and/or purchase.
Cash Outlay Due To Difference Between Purchase Price And Valuation Price
Prior to approval of your home loan application, we will appoint a valuer to assess the market value of the property. If this valuation is lower than your purchase price, you would have to pay the difference in cash before any loan can be disbursed.
Valuation Fees
Valuation fees vary. Factors taken into consideration in assessing the property include location, tenor, size, condition of building, availability of facilities, etc. The valuer will determine the open market value of the property by direct comparison with recent transactions of comparable properties within the vicinity.
As our home loan customer, we will pay the valuation fees for you.
Fire Insurance
This is required by the Bank to insure your property against fire. The value is determined by a valuer and the premium is paid annually. As our home loan customer, we will pay the premium for the first year on your behalf.

[Key Features] pegged to the 3-month SOR Rate
[Property Type] Private
[Thereafter] 3-mth SOR+1.75%
Interest Rate
[First Year] 3-mth SOR+1.75%
[Second Year] 3-mth SOR+1.75%

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